'Brian' Industrial Bar Stool with Two Bar Back Rest

'Brian' Industrial Bar Stool with Two Bar Back Rest


Simple yet classy design industrial/ ‘urban chic’ barstool with single steel support backrest.

Single piece of 30mm thick English oak for the seat, same goes for the backrest –  which is a striking contrast to the raw steel frame which is made from 20mm square steel section. Steel has a coat of natural beeswax to seal and protect. Welds are left visible and ‘proud’.

The stool height of 750mm is standard. Height to top of back rest is 1150mm. You can have me make them at any height you like, just message me and let me know the dimensions you need.
I can ship to all destinations, just let me know where you are and I can get a price. Shipping 10 or more of these to mainland European destinations is less pricey than you might think (I shipped 20 to Germany at a cost of £14 per stool!)

Delivery is £10 per stool. In most cases I deliver these stools as well as my other items personally. I am very flexible and more than happy to deliver at times that suit you –

Height 750mm

Overall height 1150mm

Shipping £12

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