'Trippie Elmo' Three Legged Bar Stool with Elm Seat

'Trippie Elmo' Three Legged Bar Stool with Elm Seat


Meet 'Trippie Elmo' one of our three legged bar stool designs.

Trippie’s three legs mean that he won’t wobble annoyingly on uneven floors. His simple uncluttered frame is perfect for home and commercial kitchens, counters and bars.

Trippie Elmo's seat is made from a beautiful single piece of 30mm thick English elm, slightly thinner than the seat of his cousin 'Trippie Elmsworth'. It is treated with coats of natural oil and wax to bring out the natural colouring of the wood.

Trippie’s frame is made from 26mm hollow round steel section which is brushed and given a coat of natural beeswax to protect the metal from rusting. 

Handmade to order, we can make Trippie at the exactly the height you are looking for. Please get in touch to discuss

750mm Height      

310mm Seat Diameter

330mm x 330mm x 330mm footprint

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