'Slim Walters' Slim Frame Saddle Stool with Chunky Walnut Seat

'Slim Walters' Slim Frame Saddle Stool with Chunky Walnut Seat

Made from 47mm thick English Walnut

$ 193.53


Slim Walters’ seat is made from 47mm thick English Walnut which we hand finish then protect with two coats of oil followed by a buff up with natural beeswax.

Take a look at our gallery HERE  to see photos of many of our stools the more natural setting of our customer’s homes. This is an Instagram feed so you can visit our full Instagram page by clicking the link at the bottom of the ‘Gallery’ page.

The stool height of 750mm is standard. You can have them made at any height you like, just get in touch  and let us know the dimensions you need. We suggest that you allow a MINIMUM gap of 200mm between the top of the stool and the underside of your bar/counter. At stage three of ‘Checkout’ there is a comments area where you can write the height you need

These stools DO NOT BREAK. If yours does, then we’d be very shocked. Let us know and we’ll replace it, no fuss

Our simple design saddle style industrial bar stool, ‘Slim’, is made from 20 x 20 x 2.5mm steel square section. We weld them by hand, which means we can ensure welds penetrate the steel, making it unbreakable.

We clean them up with a high-speed wire brush taking care to retain the natural blacking it arrives here with from the foundry.

Then, by hand, we apply beeswax to clean and protect the steel from rusting. We supply (free of charge) a small pot of wax paste with each stool you can use to ‘rewax’ should that become necessary.

We then fit hard wearing plastic feet to the base of the stool’s legs to protect your floor from scratching. Extremely robust and hard wearing – these stools do not break.


Dimensions Cm
Height (H)
Width (W)
Depth (D)
Width at Base (B)
40 x 31
Width at Top (T)
32 x 20


Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 44 × 41 × 78 cm
Seat Type

Frame Material



Seat Shape

Frame Type

Frame Finish


Delivery & Returns


Destination Estimated Cost
United Kingdom
Mainland Europe


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All our stools come with a 10 year guarantee. They DO NOT BREAK!