Commercial Bar Stools

Are you a restaurant or pub looking to add some new bar stools? Commercial bar stools are great for expanding your recently opened bar area.

As the name suggests, a bar area is a place near the bar. Also called “bar seating”, it can include the bar, surrounding booths, and nearby tables. All prime locations add restaurant bar stools, as the versatility of commercial bar stools is their manoeuvrability, class, and style.

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Commercial bar stools effectively keep people together, especially in restaurants and pubs. Sometimes, the booths just don’t have enough seating for a couple of mates and their friends. Restaurant bar stools can be picked up, moved, and set anywhere near that booth and keep people together–which means your patrons will keep having a good time every night.

Class and Style

Commercial bar stools are classy and stylish. Whether they are wood-finished for that warm, homely look or hard, smooth metal leading up to a leather seat, commercial bar stools exude sophistication. Even in the local dives, a stool can do so much to increase the necessary aesthetic appeal when someone walks in after a long day, looking for a drink or a good time.

We have dozens of classic, stylish, and desirable commercial bar stools at Paul Frampton Designs. Whether you are looking to furnish your bar area or expand your pub, we can guarantee we’ll have the perfect commercial bar stool for you.

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