Fabric Upholstered

Many people love to hit the pub when they manage to get all their mates together. If it is your pub, you want to provide the maximum comfort, so they stay and have a good time. Ordinary bar stools tend to be too rough for prolonged seating, digging into the thighs and bum to discomfort. That is why many are switching to upholstered bar stools, which provide maximum comfort and fashionable decor for any pub.

Upholstered bar stools are classy, sophisticated, and comfortable whether you’re in a restaurant or pub. Bar stools with upholstered fabric can offer more character than traditional wooden or leather bar stools. They can scream personality and are custom tailored to suit a particular theme or look other bar stools cannot satisfy.

At home, upholstered bar stools can be an excellent comfort piece for your living room, family room, or home bar if you’re looking to set one up. Upholstered bar stools with backs can serve as kitchen decor, living room seats, and at-home comfort for the backyard. Unlike other bar stools, upholstered bar stools can be customised to suit whatever theme or style you are trying to build.

At Paul Frampton, we provide custom-ordered upholstered bar stools for any need. Whether it is a restaurant, pub, or family home, we can give you the best possible stool to make whatever room you decide to ooze character. They’re a great way to make your pub feel like it fits your style. If you have further questions, get in touch with us today.

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