Pub Bar Stools

What Stool is Best for You?

Consider three main things when deciding on pub bar stools: height, comfort, and aesthetics. On top of that, of course, most people aim for consistency across their chairs and don’t want to choose mismatched options.

When deciding on pub bar stools and their height, think about where they will go. Where in the pub will those bar stools sit? Are they up against the bar? At the tables? The place you want to put them will determine the ideal height, so be sure to consider this and measure carefully before you order.

Bar stools for pubs need to be comfortable. People are going to, hopefully, spend an hour or two sitting down, so you want them to be satisfied. Comfortable patrons are happy patrons willing to go another hour or two because they can’t find better comfort elsewhere. At Paul Frampton Design, we offer both leather, upholstery, and wooden bar stools for pubs. Don’t sacrifice comfort when designing your place!

What do you want your pub bar stools to exude? Class? Ruggedness? Try to find pub bar stools that complement what you want your pub to be when someone walks through the door. There are a variety of designs out there so you are sure to find a favourite!

Why Stools and Not Chairs?

Everybody loves chairs, but no chair is high enough to do what pub bar stools can. Pub bar stools are manoeuvrable, aesthetically pleasing, and perfect for maximum comfort. 

That being said, if you want the best of both worlds, there are always pub bar stools with backs to ensure the good times don’t end with someone throwing their head back and falling.

industrial dining table with matching benches. Black powder coated steel frames with oak wood table tops pictured with oak seat industrial bar stools
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