While horse riding will probably give you saddle sores, saddle bar stools are meant to provide maximum comfort and improved posture over extended periods. Whether you are a bar, restaurant, local hang-out, or personal buyer, saddle bar stools will provide class and comfort, whether a wooden or leather seat.

Posture Check

You want to have a good time when you are out drinking, and that means you should be able to enjoy comfort whether you’re at a restaurant or pub or your own home. Saddle bar stools are excellent at increasing posture. The extra width across the saddle seat stool helps keep your body relaxed and gives the freedom of movement necessary to relieve unnecessary stress and tension.

Wood or Leather?

Depending on the aesthetic of your bar or restaurant, you will have to decide between wood or leather as the material for your saddle bar stools. Both are great options, but it comes down to style and comfort. 

If you choose to go with wooden saddle bar stools, you will exude elegance and robustness wherever you decide to put them. Wooden stools are excellent for a family room or home bar, where you can sit with loved ones and enjoy a good drink or game for brief periods.

If you choose leather saddle bar stools, you will radiate comfort and class wherever you put them. If you are a restaurant, saddle bar stools made of leather can provide maximum comfort while people wait for service and keep them comfortable throughout their stay. 

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