Steel framed stool with cushioned fabric upholstered seat

Our new bar stool with fabric upholstered seat

We have been working on new products recently with the focus on lowering shipping costs. Our current best seller, ‘Bertie Hyde’ bar stool is stackable, provided we pack with the seat unattached. It has legs that are are angled ever so slightly outwards.

We have now developed a stool that is more ‘obelisk’ in shape, hence the name, ‘Shardie’ (referencing ‘The Shard, London’). We offer a choice of 20 frame powder coat colours, any height between 600mm and 850mm, as well as a wide choice of beautiful fabrics. Take a look here

Bar Stool Shipping

By simply changing the shape of a stool we have now halved the cost of shipping. It currently costs £200 to ship 4 x ‘Bertie Hyde’ bar stools to USA. These will cost less than £100 and so opens up a big market for us

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